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NAShadow still holds the KOFXV Crown

Posted by: Negative Edge

Date: April 30th, 2023 at 02:26pm

Elijah Larsen aka NAShadow, the current GOD of KOFXV defended his title in yesterdays KOFXV Grudge match taking home a $160 POT.

This coming July First is when he will put his title on the line against others that want his crown in the OFFCIAL GODS OF Memphis 2023 event!

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KOF XV Grudge Match Announcement

Posted by: Negative Edge

Date: April 2nd, 2023 at 06:16pm

Ok everyone, It is April now and that means on the 29th, This Grudge Match game will be King Of Fighters XV and the current GOD of that game is NAShadow aka Elijah Larsen! Same format applies, 8-16 man slot for the elimination brackets, whoever survives the bracket faces the GOD NAShadow in a first to 10 match for the community POT! The community POT ALWAYS starts at $100 minimum and gradually increases through out the event thats to the community contributing to the POT. Sign ups are open, Expect an interview with the GOD of this game later in the week and more information to come!
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Tekken 7 Grudge Match on March 25th

Posted by: Negative Edge

Date: March 14th, 2023 at 01:51am

This March 25th, Negative Edge E-Sports will be hosting a Tekken 7 Grudge Match. We are planning having up to a 16 man elimination Bracket, (8 player Minimum), No Losers or Resets, each match in the elimination bracket will be best 3 out of 5 Matches and the remaining player from the elimination brackets will face ShinBlade, the current GOD of Tekken in a first to ten match for the Community funded POT! The POT starts at $100 by default and eventually will grow through out this event. The previous events it grew to $250.

Everything will be live-streamed at Twitch TV on the NegativeEdgeGaming Channel.

Food and Drinks provided, The only contribution we ask is for both players and spectators is to contribute to the Community POT if possible. No set amount just whatever you feel like contributing.

Thanks for making Negative Edge E-Sports what it is now.
See ya on March 25th!!!
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DBFZ Grudge Match Results

Posted by: Negative Edge

Date: Febuary 27th, 2023 at 01:57am

Despite the 2 hour setback which I'll take full responsibility for, Todays Grudge match for DBZ Fighters was a SUCCESS!!!!!

Lawrence Holmes aka DownHeavySon Proved yet again why he is the GOD of Dragonball Fighters Z!

Bruno Black Made it through the 8 man elimination bracket and had to face NAShadow aka Elijah Larsen in the end in order to square off against DownHeavySon for the pot which totaled out to be $220 in the end!

The sets between Bruno Black and DownHeavySon was crazy! Even tho DownHeavySon took the POT, Bruno and that Broly of his was no pushover! Congrats to these two for the awesome matches in the end and shoutout to everyone who participated and showed up to support!!!

Thank you for making Negative Edge E-Sports what it is so far!
Videos will be up through out the week.

The next Grudge Match will be for Tekken 7 on March 25th, the last Saturday of the month!
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Dragonball Fighters Z Grudge Match Jan 25th

Posted by: Negative Edge

Date: Febuary 13th, 2023 at 03:43am

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We've interviewed the current DBFZ God in preparation for the grudge match he will partake in. This is open to the community, there will be a POT staff and community funded.

There will be an 8 slot elimination bracket and the last player standing will have a chance at the POT by facing the GOD in a 1st to 10 match.

I've mentioned this in another post, since this will be the official format for grudge matches, we can now include KOFXV and Guilty Gear Strive since we have GODS for those games.


This is a one time thing, since this format is a new experiment, there will not be a sign up fee this time around. you can go and sign up by clicking on the DB Fighters Z menu button and enter. Most of you already have an account at the tourney site so your info when signing up for this event should be present or else you will have to create an account for this website to enter.

Future grudge match events with this new method will require a fee TBD to enter.
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